Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Calendar Quilt - latest tutorial........

This little (well, 70" x 70") quilt has been a year in the making.
It's really been a fun quilt to make.  
It's really my favorite kind of quilt to make because the deadlines are so easy.

Each month we would make two appliqué blocks and two log cabin blocks.

One of each would go into the large quilt

Wings of Freedom 

and one of each would go to make a Table Stand Quilt.

The tutorial on the last block went up this week.  You can watch the tutorial by clicking here.    

Watermelon Days 

The kit for the whole quilt and a few of the Table Stand blocks are on sale for today only.  
I picked our Summer and early Fall Table Stand patterns and kits. 

 Back to School

They're are just great for summer sewing - small enough to take to all your summer outings with you - kids or grandkids ball games for instance  :)

Home Sweet Home

You can get to the store by clicking here

Keep quilting ladies.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Its been awhile..................

First there was Market - May 15-17th

and we left a day early to get home for

Jake's high school graduation on May 17th.

Here he is with friends Jeremy and Daniel at their graduation party.

The day after we cleaned the house all day (Jake was batching it while we were gone at Market - and he really did a pretty good job) but I'm a little OCD with company coming

and Marie-Claud from Quilt Country in France came on the 18th.

We spent two days going through all of my quilts in the loft
and then another day after Marie Claud left refolding quilts
and putting them back in the cupboards.

Some of you have "known" Jake a long time.  
Here he is on the inside cover of Linda and my book Together Again.

And while all of this was going on my friend Linda passed away.  
Since we lived an hour and a half away from each other, our relationship was mainly built on quilting and designing.  Since she retired we had lost touch so I didn't really even know she was sick.
I'm sorry but I really haven't felt like blogging much - didn't mean to worry some of you and thanks for emailing.
I'm fine - just sad.

After we both left Red Wagon, we decided to have our own companies and occasionally do books together.

When I designed "Coming Home Again" I told Pep that if I was going to do this thing, I needed to go to Market.  He said ,"OK, tell me when it is and I'll take off and do the driving and heavy lifting :)"
I told Linda, she and Bob did the same thing and we had booths next to each other in Houston.

That's where we were asked to design fabric for Moda.
Quilts and fabric were woven into the texture of our lives and our friendship for many years.
She was a neat lady and a great designer.

I have a few Home for the Holidays books left and put them on special this month in memory of her.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo sale - 16% off storewide

So why are we having a 16% off storewide sale on
Cinco de Mayo.

Most people think that May 5th is the Mexican equivalent of July 4th.

Actually Mexican Indepence Day is September 16th.

So why do they celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the first decisive Mexican defeat of the French which led to their independence.

I must tell you that living with my husband is like living with a history book.
He said this morning,
"It's Cinco de Mayo, you should have a 16% off storewide sale!"
Oh, says I.  Why?
So he told me.
Now we all know :)

To get 16% off your purchase, use promo code CINCODEMAYO.

And since he didn't say it until noon, we'll have the sale through the 6th of May too.  

To go to the store, click Here.

Monday, May 4, 2015

And the winner Is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen who said

"Sewing, when it is for me, is how I de-stress"

Karen if you will email Tammie at and give her your snail mail address, she get your precuts to you.

We have lots of ways to destress it seems, and stitching ranks high.
Sorry I'm so late getting this us but I was reading the other designers blogs.
Keep stitching.

Friday, May 1, 2015

And Kitty Makes 3

Hi, My name is Dueces - I'm Pep's cat.  

And this is my sister Wednesday (or Wendy), Jan's cat.

Mom saved the best until last!  :)

Did you see Me and My Sister's post earlier this week - the one with the lady with 8 arms, all moving at once?

That's what it's like around here before Market.  Like today.  On top of blogging (and doing the regular choring) she has to get dinner ready and in the fridge before she leaves to go to Kansas City for two days to help Brian move.  And of course she has to get her sewing ready to take with her.  Then tonight Jake will meet Cullen and Quinn's mom in Liberty and pick them up to bring them home for the weekend (it's their dads week to have them but he had surgery this week) and Jake will pop dinner in the oven.  Mom doesn't like the little kids schedule disrupted any more than usual and  Market will already do that.  Yada, yada, yada.  Sometimes we need a flow chart just to keep track of everything.
At least the quilts are safely at the quilters so she just has to get ready for schoolhouse.  And she always has something to sew.

I sleep at the end of the bed.  Every time Mom uses the facilities she just has to stop and give me a rub.  Petting a kitty slows her down and helps her focus on calm things.
Wendy spends a lot of time on the quilt on the back of Mom's chair - same thing.

You may have noticed a thread in all of our posts - keeping Mom calm and somewhat relaxed before Market!

And we all do our darndest to do a good job.

Mom designed this little quilt for the hop

 It's called "And Kitty Makes 3".  
You can get a free download of the pattern until Monday night by clicking here.
Or you can buy a kit to make it by clicking here
After Monday you can buy the pattern on the website if you missed it.

Now - for the other free part - the fabric part.
We have 3 Lilies of the Field precuts to give away courtesy of Moda.

Make a comment telling us how you manage to de-stress when big deadlines are looming.
Monday morning we'll have the random number generator pick one.

And now, don't forget to hop on over to see

Have fun!

Now I'd better get back to work.  A kitty's work is never done.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dobby's Day

Hi, my name is Dobby (when I was a puppy, I liked socks -- a lot) 
and I'm a Welsh Corgi.
Welsh Corgis, for those of you who don't know, are herding dogs.

And I want to tell you - herding this bunch is quite a challenge - especially around Market.

But Market or no Market, I take Mom for a walk late every afternoon - it's good for her - helps relieve stress.

We walk to the treeline at the bottom of the hill and then back up.  
 Spike starts out with us but usually sits down about halfway there.  
We used to walk on the gravel road down to the creek but bulldogs have a tendency to stand in front of cars and try to stop them.
After a couple of rather big vet bills Dad mowed us a path to the treeline behind the barn.
Looks like it could stand mowing right now.
Corgis are medium sized dogs with very short legs that can corner on a dime but shorter grass makes our job easier.

Back inside, I always help Mom with binding the quilts.
This is one of my favorites, the Moda Love quilt from the Castlewood line.  I helped with it.  
And Mom did a tutorial on it too.  You can watch the tutorial by clicking here.

Mom said we got to chose our quilt to have a special on and this is mine.  You can buy a pattern or kit by clicking here.

Oops, gotta go.  Mom's up and moving and better make sure she goes the right way.

Meanwhile you can go see what's up with some of the other Moda designers and their blogs.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

To Market, To Market

Hi - My name is Bopper and I live at my grandma's house 

out in the farm yard with my friends Robin and Violet White.

We have a pretty neat bunny life except Grandma gets upset when I get out and go to the garden.
Every animal on the farm has it's job.  Usually our job is to be cute and cuddly but since everyone is in high gear getting ready for Market we thought we'd help out.

Since we're big bunnies and have big heads and bigger brains than most bunnies (which is why we're good at getting into the garden), we get to help with the computer.

The quilt Grandma let us pick to be on special today is "To Market, To Market".  
To get a pattern or a kit you can click here.

That's me in the cart.  Why hop when you can ride.

And speaking of hop, you can hop on over to these Moda designers and see what's up with them.  #designersIRL.  
Be sure and come back Friday for Grandma's post day to download a free pattern and for a chance to win free fabric .