Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 is Off to a Good Start

With the shipment of the last block of Winter Solstice

along with the stop border and outer border.
They should go out between the 15th and beginning of February, depending on quilting and photography (there will be a better jpg of the quilted Winter Solstice once it's back)

The quilt was inspired by my view out my kitchen window on a foggy, snowy winter's day - kind of what it looks like today.

And in the spirit of moving on .....

we're looking forward to April showers instead of Snow showers.
Parasol Princess is on sale through the 16th.

We're pretty big wusses here and the cold got "old" quickly.  :)

And to continue in that spirit, our book on 
Special this month is Garden Dance

I'm not ready to mow grass again yet though.  :)

And speaking of gardens,  this is a sneak peak of the 2016 Mystery Quilt - 
Little House in the Big Garden.

I think we have a few openings but supplies are limited so get in touch with Tammie asap if you want in.  All of the information is on the side bar to the left.

That's all for now.  Have a great January.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Its Beginning to Look ......

A Lot Like


I'm not sure about "Every where you Go"
But around here at least  :)

Our latest Table Stand quilt - 2015 Holly Tree Lane is sitting on the desk behind my chair and the tutorial on the Ornaments is up and live.  You can watch it by clicking here 
and buy the tree header for your table stand and the kit or pattern by clicking here.  
It's 15% off today and tomorrow only because of the tutorial.

Jake's busy with finals this week and next but Zoie is coming over tomorrow afternoon to help Pops find our Christmas tree in the front pasture

and the Angel Tree Skirt is ready and waiting.
Color is so hard to show sometimes.  The background for the angels is a dark teal print but it looks dark brown or black in the jpg.
Anyway, you can get a kit or pattern for it by clicking here.
The tree skirt was originally a pattern in The Winter Book but it is out of print so I did it over as a pattern when we got a few requests for it.

I also worked up The Winter Quilt as a pattern for the same reason and it's on the website as a pattern also.  

Coxcombs and Pomegranates, the mother of Hawthorn Ridge is on the bed

and Sleigh Bells is hanging in the foyer.

Now for the tree and some grandchildren ---
We're getting there :)

(The patterns for all of  the quilts are on the website - just click one of the "here's")

And of course there's shopping, wrapping and baking still to do.  
And more stitching.......

Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's About Time & Happy Thanksgiving

It's been a minute or two since I last blogged (I was getting ready for Market then)
so there's some catching up to do.

This is my little booth in Moda's Designer's Row with Sandy Gervais' booth on the left in the picture and Kansas Troubles' booth on the right.

It was Moda's 40th Anniversary - 40 years with Notions, books and patterns and 25 years of Fabric Design.

Here is the esteemed Mark Dunn with Sandy Gervais and me - his 2 longest running designers.
You notice I didn't say "oldest".  Mark and Cheryl picked Sandy up to design and then 6 months later picked up Linda Brannock and I - Brannock/Patek.

Linda is no longer with us, having passed away earlier this year, but her impact on the quilt world will be with us always.

Moda had an awesome display of quilts for both Market and Festival called "The Making of Moda"
showcasing Marks collection of Antique Quilts used to make the "Collections for a Cause" fabrics.
And this gorgeous quilt made by 3 sisters displayed fabrics from many of the Moda lines.

Embroidered in the Stop Borders were the names of designers and on the back (sorry I didn't get a picture) were embroidered the names of all the different fabric lines.

Here we all are with Mark and Cheryl Freydberg (on my left), the head of the Fabric Department.

They also had a section in the Quilt Display for some of the early quilts from designers and I was honored to have "Cockscombs & Stars" and "Brian's Quilt" hung in that section.
The patterns for both quilts were featured in Country Quilts for Your Soul by Quiltmania but that book is out of print.
When I get a minute I'll try to release them as patterns on my website.

Back in Missouri after Market, routine life resumes
and with it - Deer Season.
Here grandson Jake proudly shows off his deer

and the Thanksgiving quilt was hung in the foyer - "Pumpkins, Turkeys & Geese" from the book
We Gather Together - still in print.

 And a special thanks to the person who sent this.  I just had to pass it on ..................

And keep on quilting  :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A couple of New Clubs and Market Looms.................

But First lets back up a little.

September just went by in a whiz.
First I went up to Iowa and filmed a PBS Fons and Porter segment hosted by my friend Patrick Lose.

It was really interesting to go through the filming process - working with Patrick who knows what he's doing made it easy.
The show will air sometime in late December or early January.

Then on to Illinois for a lecture and workshop with The Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild.

Here I am with Cheryl Barkdoll and Sharon Zabransky, the program co-chairs.
All in all a very nice group of ladies and advanced quilters- lots of fun to work with.

Then back at home we played with our latest Mini Quilt Club offering

3 Pumpkins, 2 Windmills and a Cat.

You can order it by clicking here.

And  we've revised a few of our clubs (for more information click here) and started a new one
 - the Table Stand Quilt Club.

This is our first Table Stand Club offering - two sided as usual - 2015 Acorn Lane.

 Each little quilt is 12" x 25" and folds over the table stand so that you can put the stand on a coffee table or any table where both sides can be seen.  Or just put it on a desk or regular table and turn it around for two different little quilts.
And if you join the club, you'll not only get 15% off of the kits but 15% off the Table Stands and any additional headers you order all year.
There will be 4 to 6  quilts each year and will run around $25-$35 depending on whether Weeks hand dyed floss is included.
The quilt is on sale today because it's the first day of the tutorial.  To watch the tutorial, click here.
The order a kit, click here
To join the club, email Tammie at and get an additional 15%off. Don't buy the kit online if you're going to join the club.  Tammie will have to invoice you at the extra 15% off price.

And in the midst of everything we're getting ready for Market.

These are the Garden House fabrics that will show at Market.

My quilts showcasing these fabrics should be back from Lori's tomorrow or the next day.  So I get to spend my weekend sewing on bindings - one of my favorite parts of quilting.

Have a good one ladies.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Leaving again...... And a winner

First - the winner part.
There were so many awesome suggestions that I may have to design something else with oak leaves and acorns just to use a few of the names.

 It was really hard to choose

but choose we must.

This is 2015 Acorn Lane named by Glenna Davis and she left her comment on the September 2nd post.

Glenna, if you will send your snail mail address to Tammie at she'll get your kit out to you.  And congratulations.

Meanwhile I'm leaving for Illinois where I'll be giving a lecture and teaching a workshop for the Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild and of course taking a lot of my appliqué with me - Market looms.
Ladies, would you please remind me to have someone take pictures with my camera.

Keep quilting.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Name, A Name, my Kingdom for a Name

Well, really only a quilt kit.

I'm off to Iowa for a couple of days, taking my little tablestand quilt along, 

hopefully to finish the quilting.  One of my favorite things about these little quilts is that I have time to quilt them. still doesn't have a name
so we're still taking entries.  

You can give us your choice of name either here in the comments section or a couple of posts down.
We'll take them all into consideration when it's quilted and bound.   Then I'll have Tammie and Brittany chose one each and the winners will get a free kit.
If you've already entered you don't have to enter again - unless of course, you're thought of another name.  :)

Thought I'd leave on a pleasant note.
Keep quilting ladies.