Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy, busy, busy .............Tutorials and phones & kids & chickens & stuff.

We had a new tutorial go live on You Tube on the 10th.  

The Table Stand block is April Showers

and the quilt is Parasol Princess and the tutorial will of course, cover both of them.
To see the tutorial click here.

To order kits or patterns click here or on the name.

Below is a picture of our phone at the office.  (I love my little antique primitive stand).  
Anyway, this phone has been a source of many problems in the past BUT WE HOPE THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED.

Ever since we moved the office to the barn years ago, if Tori (or whoever) was on the phone and someone called it would just ring on their end - it didn't go to voicemail, it would just ring.   They wouldn't get a busy signal so they would naturally think no one was in the office.  I have gotten lots of nasty comments about no one ever answering the phone during business hours.

We just discovered recently that it was doing that because we had call waiting.  WOW!.  So all we have to do is take the call waiting off of the line and people would get a busy signal if we were on the phone.
It took 7 days, people - 7 days of phone calls 
but finally - at last - if you call during business hours and Tori's on the phone you will indeed get a busy signal.  
We are here Monday-Friday from 10:00-2:00 CST, God willing and the creek don't rise.

Besides talking to the telephone company 
new baby chicks and grandchildren came.

We've been playing in the garden - lettuce and broccoli, cauliflower, kale & swiss chard.
And Grandma Laird's iris are starting to shoot up.  I can't wait until they bloom.

Jake had his Junior Prom.  He and Madison looked as awesome as they are.
Grandchildren are great.

And of course, taxes are paid!

Now I think we all need a little something for ourselves.   So we're having a sale - today only - Promo Code TAXBREAK.

Snow's over - we hope - and it's time for flowers and soft days.
Keep quilting ladies.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Freezer Paper Templates for pieced blocks - latest tutorial

Stars and houses and trees - and even snowman heads sometimes.
While my first love is appliqué, all applique can sometimes need a counterpoint.  A pieced block or two in an appliqué quilt can make all the difference in the world.

And I am particularly fond of pieced stars ( and trees and house and, and, and)  :)
To see my tutorial on Freezer Paper Templates click here.

This is one of 8 pieced star blocks in Little Houses so the kit will be 15 % off until midnight on April 4th.

I am so ready for real, live stems and leaves :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

It's been a week or two................

since I said I would post the winner of the Front Porch Dessert Roll tomorrow.
The winner is Janice Fowler and her Dessert Roll shipped with her March Hare blocks.
Hope you enjoy it Janice.  I really like this fabric line.

So why did it take so long to post?
First, I had to finish the patterns that will show at Spring Market.

My new fabric line is called Castlewood.
Here's a sneak peek of "Santa's Tree Farm" a pattern designed by myself and grandson Cullen.

As soon as the deadline was over........
I got the flu.
Only time in a couple of years and the worst was over in about 36 hours but that was long enough.
Then for 3-4 days I just wanted to sit around - no get-up-and-go.
So everything took about 3 times longer than normal.

I've mostly recovered now - enough to have Cullen and Quinn up for the weekend.

We made some great cupcakes - or I supervised (and helped with the eating part)

And they made them.

Then we all took a nap - - - -  you notice that Dobby has a sock nearby :)

It's finally feeling and looking a little like spring.

To celebrate, we put Farmer's Market on sale - both the kit and the pattern.

As well as the Tulips and Leaves Kit.  But hurry if you want the kit, we only have 2 left.

Here's a closeup of Lori's awesome quilting.  
From now on I'll have to go visit my Uncle Fred & Aunt Grace if I want to see it.
My sister Nancy and I spent a wonderful week with them last summer at their home in California.
Tulips and Leaves reminds me so much of the colors and feel of their home that I'm giving it to them.
I hope they enjoy it.

And it gives me a chance to go visit again - both my Aunt and Uncle and my quilt!  :) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

March Hares - Calendar Quilt, Block 1 or Table Stand Quilt - or both

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.  Hmmm - not when you're really sick of winter!
My Sunday afternoon was spent taking all of the snowmen, holly berries, winter quilts & rugs and lovingly storing them until next year.

Out came Spring!  - Bunnies & birds & Iris!

Audra's Iris Garden got to hang in the foyer this year - last year it was traveling.
(We still have a few kits left and of course we have the patterns.)

And Farmer's Market is home this year too and went to the back of my chair.  (For the pattern, click here and click on the name for the kit.)

I tell you ladies - it is SPRING here - at least inside anyway :).
Outside's doing pretty well too - for today - this is Missouri.

And today is the first tutorial on the Calendar Quilt/ Table Stand BOM.  
I'm really excited about this.  It's lots of fun.

Block One is March Hare.

It will include the Applique block each month and a log cabin block each month.
And every month on the 10th (or as close to the 10th as we can get) a tutorial on the block will be posted and then we'll ship the kits close to the 15th.

You can buy the patterns month by month for the table stand quilts and the kits too.  However if you want to make sure you have the kits for all of them or want to make the big quilt, you need to email Tori at and sign up.  We'll ship kits to the sign up people first and then put the rest in the store.
We all know by now that when we run out of fabric, we run out of fabric.

And speaking of fabric, all our existing club members and anyone new that signs up will be in a drawing for this great Front Porch Dessert Roll.

We were going to have the drawing for it today but since it's a Monday, we'll wait until tomorrow so everyone has a chance to sign up that wants to.

Good luck ladies.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Moda Designers Blog Hop Day 10 -

I hope everyone has enjoyed the hop.  We always enjoy doing it.  If you missed any of the letters you can go to Moda's Blog for a link to each designer and letter to download.  There are also finishing instructions on a little quilt to make out of the letters.

Now to the important part - who won the fabric …..

And the Winner is……….

Nancy P 

Nancy P who said
Hi Jan - I'm 68 and I like my age but I would like my body to go back to age 35 -40. I think I would get more done. But I will take what I have and do what I can. Love the fabric and the pattern. Nancy P.

I had so much fun reading all of your comments - some each day.  It was good to hear that most of us like being the age we are - that makes for contented quilters.
I also think that a lot of the reason we're contented to be who and where we are is because we're quilters.
Quilting is one of the ways we take care of our souls.
Nancy, if you will email Tori at or call here at 816-632-7632 and give her your snail mail address, we'll send you your Fat 1/4 bundle.  Don't forget it the phone just rings and no one answers, it means she's on the phone with another quilter.

And I do have another giveaway -

A Front Porch Dessert Roll giveaway.

We do 2 BOM quilt kits each year on the website.  The Mystery Quilt, Fall Festival which has already started (see left sidebar) and

what we call a Featured Fabric Quilt.  This year it's a dual purpose quilt.  
You get an applique block each month and a log cabin block.  You can either do one each month and eventually have a full sized quilt (76"x76")


Sew an applique block and log cabin block together

to make an awesome Table Stand Quilt.

You can buy the blocks for the Table Stand Quilts (along with the Table Stand) on the website each month but we do have limited quantities of the kits. (You can always get the pattern)

If you want to make the big quilt or just be sure you get the Table Stand blocks each month, you need to email or call Tori at the number above to sign up.  If you decide you want to do both, there is a small discount on 2 sets of kits.

Anyway - hah, finally! - to get a chance at the Dessert Roll you need to either sign up for the series or be a continuing member from last years quilt.
We'll have a drawing of all of the members on March 10th which is when the 1st BOM tutorial goes on You Tube.
The kits should ship on the 15th - God Willing and the Creek don't rise  :)

It's been a fun hop ladies.  Thanks from all of us for coming along.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 7 of MODA Designers "Spell It With Fabric" Blog Hop - Y,Z

It's going to be a good day.
Not only do we have a couple of neat blogs to hop to but on this end the Heat Pump repairman is due.
Actually, it was kind of nice using the wood burning stove again as a source of heat.
It's a different kind of warm and since we live where we do we have lots of available wood right on our land.  We always leave some for the critters but there's still lots for us.
Getting up in the middle of the night to stoke the fire, however, wasn't quite the chore when we were younger :)

Each day I've been chosing a quilt kit to put on special corresponding to one of the letters in the hop.  I don't have any Y or Z quilt kits any more so I decided to have granddaughter Zoie pick her favorite.
She picked "Let It Snow" so it's on special today.  She said she loves snowmen.  Well, she may get her wish - we're supposed to have another winter storm moving in this weekend.  Aargh!  
Well, we all know who to blame now :)

On to the hop.

My friend Barbara Brackman - maybe she got Y because she knows so many "whys" - sorry Barbara, just couldn't resist a pun here.
Zen Chic is of course, Z

If you haven't made a comment for a chance to win the Fat 1/4 bundle of Front Porch that Moda so generously gave me to give away, click here to go to my post on the 21st and make one.  There's still time.
The random generator will pick someone and the winner will be announced tomorrow.
Good luck ladies.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This is Day 8 of the Moda Designers Spell It With Fabric Blog Hop.

This is the wood burning stove that resides in our living room fireplace.  The fireplace isn't on an outside wall as in most houses  - it's in the middle of the house.
Before we got out Ground Source Heat Pump, it was the major source of heat in the winter.
It's been about 15 years since we used it on a regular basis.

Luckily we usually keep a good amount of wood in case the electricity goes out for days.
The electricity didn't go out -
 but the heat pump did.
It took some time but we got things perking again.  
Dampers had rusted in place and we filled the living room with smoke - yada, yada, yada but we're pretty well back to normal.
It just took a lot of time to get it up and running and then round up space heaters for the bedrooms.  I like to sleep where it's cooler but my design computer doesn't like to be chilly.

So we missed S,T,U yesterday.  If you did too, hop on back to see 

Camille of Thimbleblossoms
and my good friend Sandy Gervais who had a lot of fun with U.

And I've been putting a kit on special that starts with one of the letters.  My daughter Kelly really, really, really is ready for spring - aren't we all - so she wanted 2 Spring kits for the week.

So Starpatch and Spring at the Gate are both 30% off all week.

Now today is V,W,X and we'll hop in a minute.

I searched and searched for a V,W,X kit and found a very few 

Wild Oak kits.  And I'm in a good mood since I'm warm finally so it's 50% off - today only.

Now lets go see 

Alma & Barb of Blackbird Designs

See you tomorrow.